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“Shaping Mexico's Options“

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Miguel Alemán Velasco

President, Mexico Business Summit

We are delighted to share with you that the Mexico Business Summit; a unique platform that gathers the top leaders each year from the private, public, and academic sectors from Mexico and other countries; celebrates its fifteen edition in 2017.
This year's theme, “Defining Mexico's Options“, will concentrate on analyzing the strategic priorities for Mexico in the current international arena in a pre-presidential elections context. This meeting will take place in San Luis Potosí, a state with great entrepreneurial vocation and important opportunities for growth in the high-impact sectors of Mexico.
We hope to have the honor of personally welcoming you to this highly productive event.


15th Edition of the Mexico Business Summit

“Shaping Mexico´s Options“

The 15th edition of the Mexico Business Summit sets out to provide major contributions to the national discussion Mexico must have about its future, not only with respect to its relationship with the United States, but also in the context of the forthcoming Mexican presidential election and its strategic priorities in our region and the world.

3 Orientations for the Program:

- Living in a new world order: understanding the key predicaments under which Mexico and other countries operate.

- A strategic vision for Mexico's future: identifying strategic priorities linked to the global, economic, and geopolitical realities, as per the domestic context.

- An agenda for action: Strategically identifying concrete actions.



The Mexico Future Group

The Mexico Future Group, created in 2011, brings together young entrepreneurs who have already begun to make their mark in business and demostrate a sense of involvement in- and commitment to- Mexico´s Future.

The Mexico Future Group presents opportunities to network with your global peers, interact with leading Mexican and foreign personalities, and brainstorm on themes that directly impact your business and your life.

Among the benefits of belonging to Mexico Future Group is a preferential rate to attend the Mexico Business Summit and a private program (which begins on Saturday afternoon) with sessions focusing on current issues that directly impact business and the environment. Generally, participants in this program have the following profile:

  • They are younger than 40.
  • They have started their own business or have a strategic position within an existing company .
  • They stand out as a leader in economic , political or social spheres.



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The Mexico Business Summit has agreements with the CONRAD, Hilton and Real Inn hotels.

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